Saturday, February 03, 2007


I have no idea why I suddenly decided I wanted to make these designs. I found a website that has mandala software, and another online mandala generator. It's in Hungarian, but it has only a few controls and I figured it out. Here is a leafy mandala I made.

Online mandala generator.
Below is a little diagram of the screen with my translations added.

1. Erase
2. Clear
3. Grid thingy hide/show
4. Choose how many segments for your mandala
5. Vary line thickness.

The color picker is pretty basic and simple. It takes just a few minutes playing with it to get the idea. One thing I was not able to figure out was how to save my finished mandala, so I just made a screen shot and edited it in Photoshop.

I'm going to make some more. If anyone reading this makes a mandala, please let me see it! And have fun!

*Update: Fellow blogger and nature lover Kat has posted a mandala that she created to honor the memory of the whooping cranes that died in the Florida storm a few days ago.


...Kat said...
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steve said...

Very cool! You did a fine job.Thanks for showing this-- I'll have to try it sometime.

Kittysafe said...

Button 1 is not clear, it's undo 1 step back at a time.

anewleaf4u said...

I love it! I'd like to use it for my book cover! email me: